Why are Ganeshas considered so auspicious?

Among the vast pantheon of Indian gods, Lord Ganesha occupies a special place in the hearts and minds of devotees across the globe. The elephant headed son of Shiva, Ganesha is revered for his wit, intellect, his patronage for the arts and also his benevolence towards his devotees. Ganesha is revered as the remover of obstacles and bestows boons of prosperity and success to those who believe. It is considered auspicious to pray to Ganesha to bless new enterprises or break down obstacles in our lives, and devotees of Ganesha are known to trek for miles to Ganesha temples to seek the God’s blessings upon their new enterprise and lives.


Today, we look at the various artistic representations of Ganesha. Why do so many people have statues of Ganesha in their homes? What is the best place to keep them? What is the spiritual significance of having a Ganesha idol, sculpture or painting in the house?


Most common depictions of Ganesha feature Ganesha with his trunk turning left. The trunk turned to the left side signifies the cooling power of the ida naadi, the cosmic force that invokes the moon and is associated with the mighty Ganges river. The trunk turning left signifies the direction of victory and success. The trunk turning left symbolizes victory, prosperity and is also considered to be a form of paying respects to Ganesha’s mother, the Goddess Parvathi. Householders commonly purchase Ganesha idols or paintings with the trunk turning left as they are thought to spread peace, harmony and prosperity throughout the house.


Some depictions of Ganesha also depict him with the trunk turning to the right. The trunk curving to the right stands for salvation or Moksha. These idols are generally found in temples and other places of worship, as per Vedic norms and traditions.


A couple of points to remember when installing a Ganesha statue in the house:

  • The best place to place a Ganesha idol or painting in your house is in the Northeast corner of the house
  • You can also place the Ganesha idols in the East or Western directions of the house in a way that should be visible
  • Never place the Ganesha idol in the southern direction of the house
  • Never place the Ganesha idol near toilets or washrooms as it could divert negative energies to the pious atmosphere
  • Never place the idols under a stair case


Avoid placing the Ganesha idols in the bedroom, but if there are no suitable other places in the house, keep the idol in the north eastern corner of the room and avoid pointing your feet towards it.


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