Getting Through the Difficult Times with Art

For past one year, the Corona virus pandemic has changed lives in more ways than one and as we were slowly coping from the trauma that 2020 caused, we have been hit by the second wave.
It is understandable that constant updates about rising cases, fear of being a victim to the virus, news about people losing their lives and the crashing economy; all while being isolated can get extremely overwhelming, in turn causing anxiety, stress, and more.

While the situation takes time to settle down and we must do all that is expected of us as citizens, we can always take a break from social media/news and unwind ourselves from the chaos that is outside. Doing this will not only improve our mental state but will also let us help those in need with more energy and a positive approach.

Art as a stressbuster:

Everyone has their own mechanism to cope with anxiety and stress. While some play music, others dance to the same. While some cook and bake, others like to watch their lovely plants grow!
Making art is proven to greatly relieve stress in many individuals. So much so that art therapy is an actual technique that psychologists use in certain cases to cure a trauma or help a patient overcome depression, anxiety, stress, and kind.

Here is what you can do:

Pick up a pencil and let it flow through an empty paper as your mind wants it to. Do not limit yourself to patterns or shapes, let the lines flow freely and sketch anything that comes to your mind.

Once you are satisfied with the sketch, pick up a brush, some colours, a cup of water and get colouring. This is usually the fun part! Let the colours flow as easily as your lines. Meaning, colour your drawing in absolutely any colour that pleases you. The point is to have fun! If you wish to, you can also write a small, positive quote or message on your painting once it dries and hang it on a wall to remind yourself to unwind often.

If you find yourself enjoying the process or making art in general, you can sign up for classes or learn from online resources to improve your skills and form a habit. You can also follow artists on social media to find inspiration and fall in love all over again with the amazing things a human mind can create. However, do not forget to have fun and stay positive!

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