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Bridging Time and Tradition: Reviving Ancient Art for Modern Discernment

February 16, 2024

Artisanscrest presents a meticulously curated array of handcrafted artifacts, echoing centuries-old traditions with a subtle touch. With a commitment to preserving ancient techniques, the services allows customers to customize their unique visions, adding timeless elegance and cultural depth to their spaces.
The Journey of a Sixty Year Old Artisan and His Endeavour to Keep Traditional Art Alive

November 01, 2021

Indian art is rich in technique, culture, heritage, and history. With stark motifs, bold colours, and traditional figures, Indian art is one that cannot play low. Many artisans, for generations, have been creating traditional art that has been passed onto them from their forefathers and strives to keep alive the legacy. However, they often find themselves lacking the means to reach a global market or even influence Indian buyers. With no recognition and minimal income. many artisans today are finding it difficult to continue making art and gradually giving up the legacy to find other jobs. Moved by their condition and keen to offer them a voice, a team of patrons started Artisanscrest- an e-commerce brand that is on the...

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