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Legacy Through The Ages- Channapatna Woodcraft

August 10, 2018

Situated 60kms off Bangalore, this quaint, rustic rural area in Karnataka is noted for its expertise in crafting wooden artifacts- toys to be precise. These wooden toys and crafts are famous not just in India but across the globe and are widely exported. Origin of this traditional craft dates to the era of Tipu Sultan’s rule about two centuries ago. It is said that he invited artisans from Persia to visit and train local artisans in this field. This how now become an age-old tradition and heritage of Channapatna region to craft wooden artifacts. Characteristics of Channapatna Woodcraft: For as long as this art form existed, Channapatna woodcraft, especially toy-making has been making use of ivory wood as the medium...

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Heritage of Odisha- Pattachitra

July 31, 2018

Born in rural Odisha and West Bengal and originating as early as the 12th century, Pattachitra is an art form that is iconic to the cultural heritage of India. Patta in Sanskrit means cloth and Chitra means a painting. Pattachitra is, in literal terms, motifs and pictures painted on a piece of cloth.  This art form requires natural pigments and when traditionally done, takes up as many as 15 days to even a couple of months depending on the size, motifs selected and intricacy of the paintings. This style of art is usually passed on through generations and the entire family is involved in painting these. All that goes into making a Pattachitra- Process: To start with, a Pattachitra artist,...

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