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Through the Nine Days of Navratri

October 16, 2019

      It is not less than a week ago that India witnessed one of the brightest and most energetic festivals of the country-The Navratri. It is a nine-day long festival that worships Goddess Durga but also celebrates womanhood and femininity in its principles. The folklore behind Devi Durga’s incarnation goes that a demon named Mahishasur, upon receiving a boon from Lord Brahma started creating chaos in the Trilok- Heaven, Earth and Hell. The boon he received ensured that no man would be able to harm him or kill him. Left with no option, the three main Gods- Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma combined their powers together to create a powerful woman called Durga. She is said to be...

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Ardhanareeshwara: Union of Purusha-Prakriti

September 28, 2019

Once upon a time in the Himalayan mountain of Kailash, Goddess Parvati wondered what Lord Shiva must be feeling and as to how being in any state with oneself feels like. Hence, she walked up to the Lord and asked him to suggest to her a way by which she could enter that state and experience whatever he does along with him. In answer to her question, Lord Shiva simply asked her to sit on his lap. She did so and he immediately absorbed her into him, and she became a part of him because of which Lord Shiva became ecstatic. As Lord Shiva accommodated Devi Parvati, he had to shed half of him and that is how a complete...

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