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‘Shilpi Sahajogi Sanman’ presented to Artisanscrest for outstanding work in promoting Indian art

February 04, 2019

Odisha Shilpi Mahasangha is a Government recognized non-profit organization that works to improve the living conditions of the artisans and craftsmen of Odisha and make their lives better. It was started six years ago and has been publishing a magazine ever since to bring awareness to the cause and to bring the local artisans to light. We, team Artisanscrest, take pride in the fact that we have been supporting the magazine and co-sponsoring Artisans’ events thereby supporting the organization. This enabled them to reach far and wide in the state and encouraged more artisans and craftsmen to join this movement. Today, they are a proud family of ten thousand artisans. A couple of months ago, in their 6th annual celebration,...

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Rooted Deep Into the Woods- Tribal Art

January 19, 2019

Rooted Deep Into the Woods- Tribal Art We talk of people who knew not canvases, boards, colors, and brushes. They come from the deepest of woods and bring with them a culture so rich and art so strikingly beautiful that connoisseurs over the globe have adored it for ages. Tribal art can be distinguished by its bold yet simple imagery and use of vibrant colors. Another very distinct feature of this art form is the use of all natural materials. Be it for painting, carving or sculpting, these artisans resort to mother nature for their supplies. This exquisite art form dates back to the primitive era of mankind and has evolved since then into a more refined skill that can...

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