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All Things Painting- ‘From Scratch’ to A Glorious Masterpiece

October 16, 2018

Generally speaking, painting is a form of art which uses pigments (colors) that are applied on any surface such as a cloth, a canvas, rocks, walls, etc. Painting serves as a tool for visual communication by bringing in elements such as texture, depth, contrast, value, gesture, background. It can be both realistic or suggestive. What initially started in the caves during the pre-historic age kept getting better over time with the use of various methods and techniques. Paintings are now a part and parcel of life. The history of paintings The earliest known paintings were discovered in the Chauvet and Lascaux caves of France. They house a number of representations of animals such as Bisons, Horses, Lions, Deers, Rhinos, etc...

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From Rocks to Masterpieces- Art of Stone Carving:

October 01, 2018

Pertaining to the abundant availability of stones, civilizations dating back to as far as Mesolithic age saw the usage of these rocks for creating some exquisite works for various purposes. Some of the earliest stone works include The Stonehenge, Moai and some sculptures recovered from excavating caves and historic civilizations such as the Indus Valley Civilization- each having their own unique style, purpose, and characteristics. Formation of rocks: Millions of years ago, the Earth was simply a huge ball of mineral gases. As these gases began to cool down, they got compressed and took on a solid form to become what we call natural rocks. There are a variety of rocks on Earth such as metamorphic, igneous, sedimentary, etc. Their...

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