Packaging and Shipping Procedures

At Artisanscrest, we take pride in delivering our exquisite masterpieces in pristine condition. Our packaging process is detailed and designed to meet international shipping and packaging standards.

Each step of the process is designed to protect the masterpiece and keep it in perfect condition until it is received by the customer.

We now take you through each step in the intensive and detailed packaging process we follow here at Artisanscrest.

Packaging for sculptures, Home Decor Items, Metalworks, Woodworks

Step 1

  • Once the sculpture or painting is completed, the masterpiece is weighed
  • Depending on the weight, the team decides how to go about the packaging process

Step 2

  • In the case of sculptures, we use a wooden box
  • The wooden box is durable, sturdy and is perfect for shipping and transporting our statues to the happy customers.

Step 3

  • The box is lined with Styrofoam in order to provide additional padding for the statue.
  • The statue is bubble wrapped securely and placed in the middle of the box

Step 4

  • An additional layer of paper or straw is added to further protect the masterpiece at the time of transit
  • A final layer of Styrofoam is added just before the crate is sealed.

Packaging for Paintings

  • In the case of paintings, we use a special cylindrical casing in order to ensure that the painting is delivered in an unblemished condition
  • The box is lined with protective casing, including cloth in order to prevent bruising and damage to the painting during transport
Every customer is given individual instructions in order to safely remove and set up their artistic masterpiece.


Special Procedures

When a wooden package is being shipped out of the country, there are quality checks which need to be put in place in order to ensure that our packages meet international quarantine standards.

The process of decontaminating the wood and ridding it of all infections and possible pathogens is known as fumigation and is undertaken by our expert team who diligently work to match international standards.

Once the client receives the package, we provide individual instructions

Get in touch with our team of artisans with your own unique requirements and work with us to co-create an exquisite masterpiece of your own choosing.

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