Tresses And Beauty

Long, cascading tresses have always been a hallmark of beauty in a woman. Beautiful hair always catches attention for its allure is such that it is capable of captivating any soul.

Artists and even cinematographers for that matter immortalize women as having long, beautiful locks. Such is the importance of hair for women that they often decorate it with beautiful jewellery and braid their tresses in different ways. A woman and her hair is a love story of its own. 

But a woman's hair is not just a symbol of beauty. Throughout history, the tresses of a woman have held much significance is different aspects right from political to cultural and identity to liberation. 

For instance- 

  • Decades ago Indian women faced widow tonsuring. An act where they were forced to shave their heads off after the demise of their husbands so as to not look enticing to other men. 
  • We all know of the dreadful tale of Draupadi and how she was forcefully dragged by her hair into the royal court by Dushasana who also attempted to strip her off her clothes. In her fit of rage, she declared that she would keep her hair unbound until and unless her she seeks her revenge. She demanded that her hair be washed with the blood of Dushasana and only then would she ever comb her hair again. Back in those days it was customary for married woman to tie their hair together in a bun and adorn it with a jewel called Chudamani which was often gifted to them by their husbands. 
  • Speaking of Chudamani, it is said to be the last piece of ornament that Devi Sita sent to Lord Rama through Lord Hanuman to convey the message that her pride and honor stand in a precarious position. 

These are just a few of the many instances where a woman's hair came to be symbolic of a cause and representation.


This sandstone sculpture here depicts a maiden playing with her long locks decked in accessories in a gentle and loving manner. She probably must be belonging to a royal family for she is shown wandering in her garden with lovely flowers and exotic birds. Her clothes and the way she carries them suggests an air of royalty by birth, and portrays her in an appealing way which has been a common representation of women for a long time.

Could she be a royal maiden waiting for her lover on a cool spring morning? Could she be a dancer, ever so skilled at mesmerising people with her very presence? Could she be a woman, personified in all her glory and eager to find her place in the world? The stories this artifact inspires are many.

The artist’s eye for details can be seen in how he managed to highlight even the most minute details of jewellery, drapery as well as the background behind here in such grandeur, especial in stone works.


This sculpture made of sandstone is great to be placed in exterior settings such as a garden, courtyard, front room or even your living room. It can also be customised according to your needs. Find the product here:

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