Some Art for Every Corner of Your House

Homes are a paradise on earth. There is nothing that provides comfort and warmth like your house does. We have discussed things that new home buyers should keep in mind and have also posted a blog on how to decorate your interiors based on Vaastu Shastra to fill your space with positivity.

Let us now help you pep up every room in your house. After all, special spaces deserve a personal touch.

  1. Living Room

It is true that the first impression ought to be the best impression. It is your living room or your drawing room that your guests notice first in your house, and it ought to stand out.

Make this space all about your creativity. Display some of your very best artefacts- your prized possessions. Don’t forget to hang a painting or two above your sofa.

However, make sure you do not overdo it. Simplicity is the key!

Balance all the elements using the right colour combinations. For example, if you want to display bright, colourful paintings ensure that your sofa set is of a soft, nude colour. This way you can avoid causing visual chaos.


  1. Bedrooms:

Your bedroom is your personal space and it should be as peaceful and soothing as possible. Hanging a painting here is the best bet. Make sure the art piece is not too loud or something that portrays wilderness and violence. Let it be a depiction of flowers or natural landscapes.

You can always place a sculpture or two in your bedroom. However, ensure that they are small sized artefacts- something that can be displayed on a side table or a bookshelf.

  1. Kitchen:

Yes! You heard us right. If we are including every room in your house, why leave the kitchen alone? Paintings in the kitchen are a cliché. However, displaying your favourite crockery set is not.

Bring out those bright bowls and wine glasses and showcase them in a way you think is best.

Placing small plants and pots such as those of flowers and herbs is also a very pleasing décor element.


  1. Garden:

This is the place to display those big, intricate sculptures.

Purchase some beautiful sculptures such as those of a maiden, huge flower vases or mini waterfalls to place in your garden.

Try placing a set of tables and chairs somewhere in the garden where you can experience a great view. Imagine sipping some piping hot tea and nibbling on cookies, enjoying a cool, winter evening out in the open.

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