An Art Collection For New Homeowners

Some things in life are a big leap, like moving from a rented apartment to a new house of your own and on occasions like these, one will want to do everything in their capacity to make their new space look welcoming and attractive.

Now that you are the owner of the house, you can hammer holes wherever you want, you can hang up paintings and more, you can move/place furniture as it suits you and you can also paint as you like.

As exciting as that is, it can also be a very daunting affair- the part where you wonder “what do I do with all this space?”

Why not bring in the rich legacy of Indian Art to add character to your space?

Of late, Indian Art is coming back to its former glory. All the vibrant hues, stark motifs and exquisite figurines are loved by art connoisseurs across the globe.

Indian Art celebrates the cultural diversity between all its states and religions in much grandeur. Each region has its own style of art to bring to the table and they are all unique yet beautiful in their own way.

We have brought together here some great ideas for you to decorate your new home the Indian way.

  1. Wooden, Stone and Metal Artifacts:

Indian art is all about making use of naturally occurring substances as raw material. Hence, artifacts made of wood, stones such as sandstone, pink stone, etc. and metals instantly bring in a traditional feel.


  1. Figurines of deities and animals:

Any traditional interior décor is incomplete with a picture of Lord Ganesha or an idol of Lord Buddha. Similarly, it is in the roots of India to worship and give equal importance to animals and birds as well. If you notice, you can almost always find a sculpture of an elephant or a painting of peacocks in every Indian household.


  1. Wall hangings:

While displaying a painting here and a picture there, traditional art offers some exquisite styles such as the Pattachitra paintings, Tanjore paintings, Mandala art, Kerala Murals, etc. They all make use of natural, vibrant colours and will instantly make your space very bright and happening.


  1. Bright handicrafts:

Apart from artifacts such as sculptures and paintings, everyday handicraft product such as bed sheets, cushion covers, and door hangings also can be customized to the Indian style. Select vibrant colours with tribal prints or even make a project out of block printing them yourself!

While Indian décor can look very appealing, warm and welcoming, make sure you do not overdo it because all the bright colours and vivid prints crammed together can give off a very chaotic vibe.

While you throw in some beautiful artifacts, always balance them with plain or nude colours as and when possible.

For instance, while the cushion covers may be loud, mute them down with a sofa in nude colours such as grey, cream, etc.

Similarly, do not place two or more paintings together for they are all very detailed pieces of work and can be very overwhelming to look at when placed one beside another.

Congratulations, new home buyer!

You can find some of the artifacts featured above and more in our latest collection “New Homeowners”.

Happy decoration to you!

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