Planning a statue outdoors? Keep this in mind

Planning an outdoor installation of a statue or a fountain comes in with its own pros and cons. 

Just like clutter or awkward furniture positioning inside your home, garden statues that don’t quite fit just right can really make your yard look cramped, messy, and even tacky. However, take a moment to plan out the installation and you instantly transform a regular yard into an artistic wonderland. With that in mind, here are a few things to keep in mind when you are looking to decorate your yard with sculptures or statues:

1) Choose the right theme: The yard makes the first impression on any visitor to your home. Therefore, it is extremely important to chose the right theme when planning an outdoor art installation. Choose a theme that best conveys the impression you would like to make on anybody who comes home. For instance, choosing a Buddha statue creates a 'Zen-like' and harmonious atmosphere and creates a welcoming atmosphere to your guests.

2) Place them at easily visible places: The entire idea behind decorating the yard with some art is so that it is easily visible and can be appreciated by all. Based on the design of your house and your yard, place your statues in such a place which can be easily spotted in open spaces.

3) Use the installation to highlight other aspects of your lawn: In addition to the statue, if your lawn has other functional or visual elements, choose a decor theme which would highlight their beauty and usefulness as well. Place statues near benches placed outdoors, or place them near well manicured hedges or leafy arches. Choose a statue which would complement the existing elements in your yard to create a harmonious and synergistic atmosphere

4) Keep it simple: When it comes to outdoor design, a simple design is always the best design. Choosing a large and clunky statue can offset the visual impression and create a negative experience. Choose something simple, functional and visually appealing.

When choosing to decorate your yard, it is important to put a whole lot of 'You' into the project. At Artisanscrest, our dedicated team of artisans and craftsmen work along with you, basis your unique requirements to create a beautiful work of art which is exclusively yours. Get in touch with us and make your yard the home of your very own, stunning masterpiece.

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