In The News - Artisanscrest Featured in Swarajya Magazine

The discerning team from Swarajya Magazine recently met with our team of art afficianados and spoke to us about the journey so far. 

Here are a few excerpts from the article:

On our Creative Vision:

India has a rich heritage of traditional art forms. They do not get the recognition they deserve. Traditional artisans follow time-honoured methods in creating exquisite works of art. At Artisanscrest, we aim to bring these traditional skills and expertise to a global stage, so that the crafts are preserved for posterity. It is our dream to ensure that our rich arts and crafts not only survive but flourish in the homes of discerning art lovers, in India and abroad. Through our extensive and exclusive network of traditional artisans, we build a platform to market these arts, as well as provide a better livelihood for these artisans.

On the idea of 'Co-Creation:

We work with very fine pieces of art. It is our privilege to offer customers a chance to get involved in the creation process, making the artwork even more personal and unique. A small change here, a unique requirement there, and we bring to life the customer’s idea through a rich and lasting work of art.


On the challenges we face:

The challenges vary because of several factors. For instance, small statues are more difficult to make if there is intricate work involved. When we deal with large installations, it is a challenge to get large, monolithic blocks of stone to work on. If we are unable to work with monolithic blocks of stone, then it is a challenge to make the work look seamless. This is true for artworks on stone.

When it comes to metal, the challenges are entirely different. When creating a customised metal sculpture, the biggest challenge is to create a unique mould in order to build the specific sculpture requested by the customer.

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