All About Golden Grass

In this day and age of technological innovations and modern inventions, creating exquisite works of art purely by hand is awe-inspiring. However, making complex processes and designs look emphaticlly simple while retaining the eye for detail and delicate, precise handiwork to make a flawless finished product has always been a hallmark of the famed Golden Grass craftsmen of India. Getting its name from the material used to create these masterpieces, Golden Grass is the craft of moulding and shaping dried grass, native to the swampy areas into colourful items for decorative and regular usage. Uniquely, this form of art owes its preservation more to women artisans who have made sure that this art form endures, training and passing on the wisdom and the skills onto future generations.

The process of converting the grass from raw material into finished goods is an intricate and interesting process. The grass is first cut from near its base and then dried. The upper portion of the flowering stem is then discarded. The remaining portion is finely sliced and shaved and used for making the products. These products were originally sold at the weekly markets or by door to door sellers, but over time, their popularity has since seen them reach the houses of collectors and art lovers across the globe.

Golden grass products, are often utilitarian as well as ornamental. The women make containers to store grain, rice, and lentils, boxes to keep their clothes and jewellery, baskets to store sweets and keep betel leaf, and containers to store their spices. Toys are made for the children, while the women make bangles for themselves. Coasters, hand-held fans, and bowls and boxes of all types and sizes, mobiles, and three-dimensional figures are made for urban markets, while figures of deities are crafted for religious festivals. Each item is not only colourful but also individual. Colours are used in dramatic contrast and each product reflects the creative impulse of its maker. Two-dimensional images of birds and animals, trees, and figures are also beautifully crafted.

Artisanscrest has a unique range of products exquisitely made by our exclusive team of skilled and dedicated Golden Grass craftsmen; from pen stands to jewellery boxes, our range of golden grass products are both utilitarian and artistic, adding a touch of culture and heritage into your home.


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