Pranab Naryan Das

The story of Pranab Naryan Das is of grit and determination. Coming from a family of farmers, art was never his calling but Pranab’s rise as a young artist has been inspiring and praise-worthy. From a very young age Pranab was fascinated by the traditional Pattachitra art-form and was trained by his Guru late Shri Arjun Moharana who was a national award winner.
With more than 2 decades of painting experience, Pranab not only captures his imagination on Palm leaves that are used for traditional Pattachitra paintings but applies the technique on Tussar silk as well. Since 1992, Pranab has been an active member at Paramparik Karigar, an association of craftsmen in Mumbai. Over the years Pranab has been participating in art exhibitions across the country and winning accolades for his stunning pieces of work. The American National History Museum, New York exhibited Pranab’s work in 2007 which were highly appreciated by art connoisseurs and followers. Many museums in the United States treasure artworks created by Pranab.
Team ArtisansCrest is honored to have Pranab Das as one of the leading artisans in its team.

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Kailash Das
Kailash Das

June 23, 2016

He is a fine traditional pattachitra artist from the state of Odisha.
Happy to see him at ArtisanCrest.

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