Vaastu tips for positivity in the living room

The living room of your home welcomes visitors to your home and gives them a clue as to the personality of the owner. Your living room is a reflection of you, your behavior and is a showcase of your tastes, likes, dislikes and character. Therefore, it is extremely important to do a careful setting of your Living Room, so that it exudes positive energy and fosters healthy relationships.

This ArtisansCrest blog gives you a few valuable Vaastu tips to plan your living to keep your living room a positive and happy place.


The Entrance:

When locating the entrance, ensure that there is more space towards the right. The direction of the main entrance is significant.

While a North or east entrance, bestows health, wealth, prosperity and fame. South, north-east or south-east entrance indicates success, but through hard work.

A west entrance bestows a calming influence which ideal for scholars. North-west entrance indicates development in all spheres.

South-west entrance is inauspicious. Its negative influence can be countered by shifting the entrance towards the west.

General Vaastu Tips for Living Room:

  • Avoid having a beam or girder running along the ceiling of the living room, since sitting under one causes mental turmoil and stress.
  • The ideal coloring of the living room is white and light green - this promotes a sense of togetherness and affection between the guests and occupants. Do not use dark shades except on the east wall.
  • Use light curtains on the windows and doors in the north-east wall and heavy curtains for the south-west wall of the living room.
  • Do not occupy the living room with too many objects. Keep some space in the north-east corner of the living room. Ensure that it remains clean and clutter-free. Enhance the tranquility of this space by placing a few potted plants.
  • Place the TV and the air conditioner in the south-east or the Agni corner.
  • To generate some positive energy and elevate the mood, display paintings depicting beauty of nature or scenery that adds tranquility to the room. It’s best to avoid disturbing pictures of war, wild animals, horror, etc. and even those of the deceased family members.
  • Displaying artificial flowers or dried flowers deemed inauspicious or misfortunes as they represent the autumn season. Refrain also, form keeping a cacti or bonsai as they bring about a negative impact on the careers and financial prospects of the occupants.
  • Hang heavy chandelier lights the room brightly and brings in a sense of positivity. However it’s best to hang it in the south or west of the room. Avoid hanging it in the exact centre (Brahmsthan).
  • Placing a neat fish aquarium in the east with bright colored fishes as pet reduces high blood pressure, stress, anxiousness and many more diseases are cured by staring at tranquil beauty of fish aquariums.

The perfect location of a living room is essentially based on the direction your house faces. The living room can be constructed in the northeast for a house that faces north or east. For a house which faces west, the living room must be in the northwest direction. For a south facing house, southeast is the best direction. Similarly, a living room can be in the central west, central east, and central south or central north of a house.

The living room is also the ideal canvas to showcase your art collection. Decorate your living room with some exquisite statues or magnificent paintings depicting scenes from the great Indian epics or Indian mythology. Welcome your guests into the harmonious atmosphere of your home with a statue or a decorative wall depicting the tranquil Lord Buddha, in a state of blissful and relaxing meditation. Let a statue of the Lord Ganesha, giving you luck and good fortune bless your home, your family and the guests in your home.

At Artisanscrest, our team works exclusively with architects and home designers to ensure that your purchase enhances your living room’s aesthetic appeal as well as placing them in the ideal positions to spread harmony, joy and prosperity throughout your home.

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