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India has had a unique love affair with art. From Viswakarma, the legendary celestial architect to modern day visionaries, artists and artisans have enjoyed a near mythical status. During the Golden Age of Indian culture, kings like Chandragupta and Samudra Gupta actively encouraged art and several art forms were born as a result of their patronage. The grateful artists and artisans then paid tribute to these kings by creating exquisite works of art, immortalizing them and the life of the kingdom during their rule. As their kingdoms spread, so too did their patronage. Thus, several traditional art forms were born or experienced a rebirth during this era.


For the traditional artisans of India, their art is not just a means of eking out a livelihood; they see their intricate skills as a gift from the Gods. Thus, they have devoted their lives to creating exquisite works of art, passing down the skills over generations, ensuring that the craft does not die out. However, they struggle to bring the craft into the consciousness of the larger, global audience. That is where we come in.


United by the desire to bring the various art forms of ancient India out of the villages and into the homes of art lovers and connoisseurs across the world, Artisanscrest was formed to ensure that the efforts of the ancient craftsmen in keeping their craft alive were not in vain. Their infectious passion and their single minded zeal inspired us and drove us to create an exclusive showcase, dedicated to showcasing their intricate skills, their exquisite abilities and their magnificent works of art.


Our dedicated team of art historians and curators travels across the length and breadth of India, seeking to add expert exponents of traditional art forms into our team. These dedicated artisans then work to create exquisite and magnificent works of art exclusively for the customers of Artisanscrest. Our range of products are varied and include exquisite sculptures, skilled metalworks, beautiful paintings and portraits and other hand crafted products which are a throwback to India’s glorious, cultural past.


Each product in our catalogue is treated as an individual project; a little part of India’s rich and opulent artistic tradition created exclusively for you. These beautiful works of art come in various shapes and sizes, perfect for various rooms in your house. Each piece has it’s own story, its own tradition and has its own place in the great Indian artistic tradition.


When you shop on, you can either own a piece as is depicted on our website or you could place a note to customize your purchase with the detailing and dimensions of your choice. Our dedicated team of artisans and art curators will then work with you to create a customized, hand made work of art. Our team of expert artists are also at hand to create magnificent and grand fountains, intricately designed wall murals, grand temples and other large projects while sticking true to the core essence of traditional crafts and themes straight from the epics of Hindu mythology.


When you buy a product from Artisanscrest, you buy a little piece of India’s glorious, classical past. You buy a product which is a throwback to the regal and magnificent days of the kings of old; your purchase allows the preservation of a craft which has endured from ancient times.


Artisanscrest allows you to relive the magnificence, the grandeur and the luxury. Artisanscrest allows you to rediscover India, one art form at a time.

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