Legacy Through The Ages- Channapatna Woodcraft

Situated 60kms off Bangalore, this quaint, rustic rural area in Karnataka is noted for its expertise in crafting wooden artifacts- toys to be precise. These wooden toys and crafts are famous not just in India but across the globe and are widely exported.

Origin of this traditional craft dates to the era of Tipu Sultan’s rule about two centuries ago. It is said that he invited artisans from Persia to visit and train local artisans in this field. This how now become an age-old tradition and heritage of Channapatna region to craft wooden artifacts.

Characteristics of Channapatna Woodcraft:

For as long as this art form existed, Channapatna woodcraft, especially toy-making has been making use of ivory wood as the medium to craft on. Artists continued to maintain this legacy along with another striking feature of using natural pigments for coloring, hence making them very eco-friendly.

Did you know that this craft of wooden toys has been given Geographical Indicator (GI) status?

The process of Wood crafting:

As mentioned earlier, traditional artisans often use Ivory wood for carving and rarely make use of Rosewood and Sandalwood.

They procure their raw material from the local market which readily supplies them with adequate quantities of wood. However, deforestation has made the supplies of wood rather limited.

The wood is then seasoned for about 2 to 3 months and then chiseled into desired shapes and sizes. This is the toughest part of the entire process and requires exquisite craftsmanship. Once shaped, the piece is rubbed with sandpaper to give it a smooth finish.

For the final finishing of the woodcraft, lacquer is applied and evenly spread on it which gives it a glossy and shiny finish.

Our unique Channapatna Collection:

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Kaivarta Kutumbam:

Made using small pieces of chipped wood, this art piece depicts a typical scene one would find during a sunset in a coastal region. It shows fishermen returning from work while women look after children, prepare food and manage household activities.

Different tonal values used for depicting shades and shadows give the work a sense of depth and perspective making it look realistic and attractive.

Muktidaya- Lord of Eternal Bliss:

This elaborate and detailed sculpture of Lord Ganesha is carved entirely out of wood and is a testament to the craftsmen’s eye for intricacy and beauty. It’s glossy, dark finish gives this sculpture a very antique look.

Flower Vase:

Another example of our artisans’ artistic marvel is this flower vase which is so intricately detailed that it makes sure to catch all the attention in the room.

With beautiful floral carving all over it and having an alluring color, this is one that is straight out of a royal palace’s furniture catalog.


This one is yet another very unique and not-often-found Channapatna woodwork. It is an ancient lamp which was in use decades ago as the only source of light at nights.

Did you know that some interior and rural parts of India still use them for day-to-day purposes?


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