Case Study: SREI Radha Krishna

At Artisanscrest, our exclusive team of artisans works closely with our clients in order to customize and co-create an exquisite masterpiece, created to suit their exact requirements.

Recently, SREI looked to add a touch of culture and mythology to their New Delhi office and got in touch with us to create a Radha Krishna statue for them. They gave our team the initial briefing and provided us with a few reference images.

The love story of Radha and Krishna has long inspired rural craftsmen and artisans to create beautiful and exquisite works of art and this project posed a challenge to our expert team of artisans to create something slightly different from the usual products. The artisans chose to work with sandstone as a medium given the stone’s durability and then got to work.

This exquisite sculpture depicts Lord Krishna as a cowherd in Vrindavan, sitting under the shade of a tree and playing a flute while his cows look up adoringly at him. By his side stands Radha, his spiritual equal, lovingly embracing Krishna and enjoying a rare moment with her beloved, away from daily life. This masterpiece in sandstone pays tribute to the divine love between Radha and Krishna while showcasing the love and adoration Krishna commands among His devotees even to this day.

This intricately carved statue now enjoys pride of place in the New Delhi offices of SREI. 

Get in touch with us and work with our team of artisans to create your own piece of art, straight out of the books of the Great Indian artistic tradition.


 Radha Krishna Installation for client


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