Art of Home Décor- Arranging your art:

Every art connoisseur faces a unique challenge- how to display the art. Having a fair idea of where to place/hang what art piece to improve its visual appeal can be tricky business.

Often times it so happens that an amazing piece of art is displayed in the wrong place, under the wrong lighting or on a wrong background and that brings down not just appeal of the artwork but also of the entire interior.

But fret not! We have got you covered with some tips and placement suggestions that will give you an understanding of interior decoration concerning art.

Where to place what

Interior designing follows certain unspoken norms when it comes to placing art such as looking for an apt background, ensuring visibility etc.

Read below for some such suggestions:

  1. Above your Sofa set-

One can never go wrong with hanging an exquisite painting over their sofa set. The reason behind this is that an art work, especially a painting should always be at eye level and the one placed above a sofa does just that and hence grabs attention.

  1. On a TV table or side stand:

This place is a perfect spot to showcase your favourite sculptures or vases as placing one here adds a pinch of spice to an otherwise boring table.

  1. Above your bed:

Another very appealing place to hang your masterpiece paintings is right above your bed.

Paintings with calming scenery or minimal colour are suggested for this purpose.

  1. Showcase stands and bookshelves:

While showcase stands are kind of obvious, bookshelves are very under-rated when it comes to placing art pieces or other decorative items.

Again, sculptures go best here while flower vases, pen stands, paper weights, etc. also do a good job.

  1. On your study table:

Why not showcase your art collection on your study table as well? Try to go minimalist here and place an artistic pen stand or an antique paper weight and that will suffice.

  1. Gardens:

If you own some life size sculptures, what better place to display them than in your beautiful, lavish gardens? Gardens tables can also be a great place to display art.

Choose something that is carved out of natural elements like stone or wood.

  1. Office room:

Gone are the days when an office setup is supposed to look very basic and plain.

A beautiful art piece or two usually cheer up the environment. Take a look below.

What to do and what not to?

  1. Choose a well-lit area to display your art. Insufficient lighting can bring down the appeal of it.
  2. Never hang your paintings too high or too low. Maintain an approximate eye level.
  3. Always remember- Less is more. Do not over crowd any area with a lot of art pieces.
  4. Try playing with colour contrasts. For example, a bright wall always compliments a monochromatic painting while a nude coloured interior could be spiced up with a pop of colour using colourful art works.
  5. Clean your art collection often to avoid dust accumulation on them.


We hope this article helped you. What are you waiting for? It is your turn to decorate your interiors.

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