Dhokra Brass Works Peacock

Dambarudhar Behra

This traditional lost-wax casting technique originated over 4,000 years ago and remains in great demand with art lovers across the globe. Famed for its simplicity, enchanting motifs and forceful forms, Dhokra artefacts adorn the houses of true art connoisseurs across the world.

This exquisite sculpture pays tribute to the beauty and the grace of the magnificent peacock. Through the nimble hands of the master craftsmen, the sculpture comes alive and you can imagine the peacock performing its magnificent dance in the rain.

Indian tribal art holds great significance in the Indian arts and crafts industry. Read about it here.

This exquisite brass sculpture can be customized according to your unique needs to form a part of your living room or your worship room.

Dimension 11" x 7" x 5" inches
Weight0.95 kg
Product Codeacdbdwdpwh-98

Category: Dhokra Brass work

Type: Tribal Art

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