Srishtikarta: The God in Leisure


Lord Vishnu relaxing in Kshira Sagar, the milky ocean could be one of the most grandiose imagery in Hindu mythology. Considered the lord of the universe (Srishtikarta in Sanskrit), this sculpture evidently showcases his serenity and how he manages to tame his creation. Lying on a bed of cobras whose poison has turned nectar, Lord Brahma springing from his navel seated on a lotus, Vishnu’s divine consort Goddess Lakshmi attending to him-- all complete the leisure that god of his stature enjoy. But in mythology, this imagery has many meanings. One being that the ocean stands for bliss, the serpent for time, diversity, desire and illusion, and the goddess Lakshmi for the material things and powers of the creation.

We have written a blog about this sculpture. Do give it a read!

Suggested Placement: The main entrance or the corner of your living room or in your courtyard.

Note: With respect to size, the statue can be custom made -- hand sculpted over a specific time frame.

Dimension 0.8ft x 1ft
Weight30.0 kg
Product Codeacrnbsnava-86

Category: Black Stone, shakti

Type: Unknown Type

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