Siddhihata: Bestower of success

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Ganesha is a much-revered God in Hindu mythology. He is worshipped for his compassion, wisdom, and virtues. As the remover of obstacles, Lord Ganesha has always protected his devotees from evil and hence, he has been immortalized in various forms of art by artisans and artists over the years. This beautifully detailed sandstone sculpture is one such rendition of the Lord and placing it in your house will protect the space from negative energies.
Note: In all its grandeur this can be custom made i.e., handcrafted exclusively for you in a size of your choice to suit your needs.
Dimensions: 42"x23"16"
Culture: India
Medium: Pinkstone
Suggested Placement: In your living room
Weight: 135kgs
Product Code: aclmpslgbd-38

Category: Pink Stone

Type: Sculpture

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