Shuban: All Auspicious Lord


As  Shuban  or the Lord who represents all things auspicious, he is worshipped, or at least remembered, in the beginning of any auspicious performance for blessings and auspiciousness. This wood carved sculpture in its grandeur depicts the lord in a sedentary position with his trunk turning to left. The trunk turning left symbolizes moon and the cool power of ida nadi in our psychic body.This also signifies that the lord blesses the devotees with the access to the fruit of their work in the material world. Dimension 36 inches x 60 inches.
Pattachitra painters, who make paintings over a piece of cloth known as Patta or a dried palm leaf, specialize in this unique art-form since generations. Raghurajpur a heritage crafts village in Puri district, Odisha is famous for this ancient craft-works which at least date back to 5 BC. A mixture of chalk and gum is used in unique proportion to create this beautiful piece.
Note: In all its grandeur this can be custom made i.e.  hand painted to the dimension of your choice.
Dimension 60 x 36 inches
Culture Raghurajpur , Odhisha , India
Medium Tussar Silk painted using chalk and gum
Collections Tussar Silk Painting
Weight0.0 kg
Product Codeacpptspguc-15

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