Pashupatinath: Blessing Sitting on Tiger Skin

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Pashupatinath or "Lord of cattle", is an epithet of the Hindu deity Shiva. In Vedic times it was used as an epithet of Rudra. The Rigveda has the related pashupa "protector of cattle" as a name of Pushan.In Hinduism, Lord Shiva is regarded as the representation of the Supreme Being. He is known as the third element in the Hindu Trinity. Shiva is the destructive form of the Almighty. As the cycle of destruction and recreation is always in a circle, Shiva’s primary responsibility is maintaining the life cycle.

Suggested Placement: This centuries old Rajasthani craftsmanship of highest caliber can be entrenched in the puja room or in the living room.

Note: These sculptures can also be custom-made i.e. hand sculpted over a specific time frame.

Dimension 30 x 19 x 10 inches
CULTURE Rajasthan , India
MEDIUM Marble Statue
Weight120.0 kg
Product Codeacdgwmshts-84

Category: White Marble

Type: Unknown Type

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