Janayitri: The Celebration of Motherhood


The concept of motherhood is well captured in this sculpture in sandstone. A queen with her child depicts a mother’s (Janayitri in Sanskrit) care, while the domestic animal and bird below, tend to give an impression of mother nature patting and assuring her eternal presence. The intricate carving does stand out in this work of art, but the concept of motherhood gets a fresh lease of life when, during the time of kings, nature was invited in the palaces and brought up like family.

Suggested Placement: The main entrance or the corner of your living room or in your courtyard

Note: With respect to size, the statue can be custom made -- hand sculpted over a specific time frame.

Dimension 4.5ft x 1.5ft inches
Weight200.0 kg
Product Codeacrnssmcin-95

Category: Sand Stone

Type: Unknown Type

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