Pattabhisekham: Lord Ram's Coronation

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Lord Rama's coronation, popularly known as Rama Pattabhishekam took place after he returned from his 14 years of exile. This mural painting represents many facets of that story. The people of Ayodhya were delighted to see their beloved Ram return from the forest and were quite eager to see him the crowned king. True to their expectations, he served as a wise and just ruler, always listening to his people. This painting represents a God fulfilling his destiny and showing us that salvation lies on the path of patience and perseverance.  This representation is a welcome addition to any room that needs a bit of tranquillity. While you wait for your order to be delivered, read some unheard tales from Ramayana here.

Note: In all its detail this can be custom made and hand crafted exclusively in a size of your choice to suit your exclusive needs.

Dimension 60 x 48 inches   [Customizable]
Culture Kerala,India
Medium Canvas and paper
Weight700.0 g
Product Codeacsckmpbwg-03

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