Mahapratapa: The Gigantic Liberation


This sculpture in sandstone depicts the front face of Gajendra, the elephant in Indian mythology. Popular as Gajendra Moksha or The Liberation of Gajendra in Puranic legend, the elephant was one of the famous exploits of the god Vishnu. In the episode, Vishnu came down to earth to protect Gajendra from the clutches of Makara, the Crocodile and awards him salvation. Gajendra is then said to have attained the similar four-armed form (Sarupya Mukti) of God and goes to Vaikuntha, the home of Lord Vishnu. A grandiose work of art, this sculpture depicts the majestic (Mahapratapa in Sanskrit) personality of the popular mythological elephant while exhibiting the principle qualities of an elephant -- wisdom and effortlessness.

Suggested Placement: The main entrance or the corner of your living room or in your courtyard

Note: With respect to size, the statue can be custom made -- hand sculpted over a specific time frame.

Dimension 2ft 5" x 1ft 2" inches(L)
Weight350.0 kg
Product Codeacrnsselrt-29

Category: Sand Stone

Type: Unknown Type

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