Nakshatradwipa:Star Shaped Hanging Lamp


Termed as “ Chandua” in the local language, these gorgeous appliqué works have been around in the state Odisha since ages.Pipili is the most famous village for this sort of handicrafts. Appliqué is a technique by which various cutting piecesof colored fabrics are applied to the surface of another foundation fabric.This is also known as patching cloth design. The hanging lamps as home decor piece are immensely popular in Odisha.These just add a new dimension to the living rooms or long corridors when hanged from the top.

Note: These lamps can be customized in specific numbers over a specific timeframe.

Dimension 1.5ft x 1ft dia
Weight0.5 kg
Product Codeacrghdhlss-27

Category: Home Décor

Type: Unknown Type

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