Dwipa: Carving Light


This lamp shade, an applique work from Pipli town in Odisha, India uses the basic traditional colours in the art from which has passed on from generations -- black, white, yellow, and red. The applique work, originally, a temple art, is made using coloured cloth which is cut and folded in different shapes like leaves, flowers, animals and other motifs and stitched in the piece of cloth. This lamp shade is among the most popular products of Pipli. Other artistic delights include banners, canopies, umbrellas, animal puppets, wall hangings, covers for shrines, parasols, bags, pouches, and cushion covers.

Note: These lamp shades can be made in numbers over a specific time frame.

Dimension 1.2ft x 7" inches
Weight0.5 kg
Product Codeacrghdhlpl-30

Category: Home Décor

Type: Unknown Type

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