Kindi - Vessel


Kindi is a unique vessel, generally in use during Hindu rituals (puja) to dispense holy water as the user's hands will not contaminate the water while pouring. Kindi is also used to keep water at the entrance of the house, so that visitors can wash their feet as they enter the house or is kept in the backyard for people to wash their hands after a meal. Kindi is also a part of the set of vessels, traditionally given to the bride upon marriage. 

This is hand made by specialists in the time honored Kerala tradition and can take about 10 days to be made exclusively for you. Can be placed indoors or outdoors as an object of curiosity or for traditional rituals in the Prayer room.

MEDIUM - Bell Metal

COLLECTIONS : Kerala Bell Metal Works

Height : 5 inches

Product Code : acdshdbmki-01

Product Purchase: Can only be custom-made i.e. hand crafted to a specific size on order

Category: Kerala Bell Metal Vessel

Type: Unknown Type

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