Kerala Deepasthambham with Work


Deepasthambham Vilakku with an ornate Crown:

This is a huge, multi-layered, bronze structure to light hundreds of wicks at one go .This lamp is hand made by specialists in Kerala tradition and can take about 30 days to complete. 

This represents the huge traditional lamp post (holds many layers of oil-based lamps) that are found in temples of India. This Deepasthambham made of Bell Metal can be created with multiple layers of your liking and customised to your choice.  This piece of craft distinguishes itself with an ornate piece of bell metal work embellishing the lamp as a crown on top.

Suggested Placement: This is ideal if placed indoors in a puja Room or in your living room as apiece of craftsmanship that connects to the Indian tradition of lighting lamps for all auspicious occasions.

MEDIUM - Bell Metal - An alloy of Bronze, Copper, Tin

COLLECTIONS : Kerala Bell Metal Lamp

Height : 48 inches

Product Code : acdshdbmdw-07

Product Purchase: Can only be custom-made i.e. hand crafted to a specific size on order

Category: Kerala Lamp

Type: Unknown Type

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