Gaja Mastaka: Elephant Decorative Piece

Artisans Crest

Elephants are considered very royal for their grand structure and graceful poise. They were often used by the kings as a mode of transportation and are, to date, worshipped in some temples. This brass work here is shaped to look like the head of an elephant carrying a bell with its trunk. The craftsmanship can be noted in the intricacy of the details on the pieces of jewelry adorned by the elephant. Beautifully crafted, this bell structure can be placed as a decorative piece in your hall or drawing room.
Note: In all its grandeur this can be custom made i.e., hand crafted exclusively for you in a size of your choice to suit your needs.
Dimensions: 8"x3"x3".
Culture: India.
Medium: Brass Works
Suggested Placement: In your main hall.
Weight: 3.5Kgs.
Product Code: acsmbwehbt-27.

Category: Metal

Type: Sculpture

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