Large Projects - Fountains

A well-designed fountain adds charm, intrigue and enchantment to your home. The relaxing sound of water cascading through the nozzles and highlighting the fine architecture and exquisite workmanship on the fountain gives your home a premium look and showcases the taste and artistic disposition of the home owner.


Artisanscrest team of skilled and visionary master sculptors and artisans work closely with decorators, architects and home owners to create exquisite works of art which not only add character to the home but also serve as beautiful representations of the timeless tales from mythology and epic Indian literature.


Some of our recent work has been showcased in this section. You can also get in touch with us at and work with our team to co-create your own artifact, made in the great Indian artistic tradition.

Artisanscrest Large Projects - Fountains

Artisanscrest Large Installations - Fountains

Artisanscrest Large Projects - Fountains