Large hand sculpted installations and projects capability

 A tastefully done interior or an exterior space leaves an indelible impression. Connoisseurs of art universally have derived great pride in owning or creating art pieces that are not only distinct but that stand the test of time and are treasured over generations.

At ArtisansCrest, we help creating such personalized hand crafted objects of interest for you. Whether it is the most strikingly beautiful fountain in your courtyard or at the center of your lawn, a decorative wall in your living room or a well-designed outer fence narrating the life story of Lord Buddha, a swimming pool with intricately designed walls and water spouts or the façade of your home adorned with stone murals that can be created to tell a story from the ancient scripts, or a theme of your choosing, we work with your and your interior designers and architects to deliver these objects of grandeur.

Moreover, with skills handed down over centuries and through generations, our incredibly skilled artisans have great expertise in building temples. Whether it is a temple dedicated to the family deity or a grand temple for the society, ArtisansCrest delivers the finest work of art that has withstood the test of time.

Some of our recent work capability has been showcased below, be it intricately designed standalone sculptures or large projects with artistic hand crafted installations, ArtisansCrest, strives to link the ancient art form to the present world

For enquiries, write to us at , allow us to add that touch of Ancient India, personalized to your taste to reflect tradition in your home, a legacy that you can pass on to the next generation.

Installation of Buddha life story