Welcome to Artisanscrest.com. In this section, we clear up a few queries regarding navigating through our website, our payment processes and a few other Frequently Asked Questions that we have received over time.

1. How do I navigate through your website to search for artifacts?


When you log on to our website, the Main Menu classifies our artifacts according to the art form and the materials they are made from. For instance, the Sculpture section contains all our sculptures. This section is further divided by materials such as Sandstone, Blackstone, Metal etc. The Paintings section contains our magnificent Pattachitra masterpieces; the Tribal Art section contains our Dhokra Brassworks, our Tribal Jewellery collection and our exquisite Bamboo Art artifacts. You will find exquisite Channapatna woodcrafts and exquisite wooden sculptures in the Woodcraft section and the Home Décor section contains our artifacts which enhance your home’s ambience including beautiful Pipli lampshades, skillfully created Golden Grass artifacts, stunning and ornate Kerala Lamps and Vessels and Small Statues which add a touch of art and history to your home.


Additionally, on the homepage itself, you will also find our Featured Products and Featured Masterpiece Sections, which contain selected artifacts from all the sections listed above. To view the new additions to our collections, visit the New Arrivals collection, also prominently displayed on the Home Page.

 2. Can I search for products individually?


On the top right of the website, next to the ‘Cart’ icon, there is a magnifying glass. Click on that and type in the name of the artifact or art form you are looking for and hit the ‘Return’ key. For instance, if you are looking for ‘Buddha’ artifacts, simply type in ‘Buddha’ in the search bar and hit ‘Enter’. The complete list of our Buddha artifacts will be displayed, allowing you to browse and choose what you are looking for.

3. Can I put in an order for customization?


All of our products can be customized. Once you have chosen the product you would like to purchase, write to us at contact@artisanscrest.com with your unique requirements and we will create the artifact as per your needs.

 4. Will you create a product for me which is not on the website?


At Artisanscrest, we believe in allowing our customers to co-create their own masterpiece. If you want to create an exclusive piece, write to us at contact@artisanscrest.com with the details including the material you would like to use, the dimensions and a reference image of what you have in mind. Our team will take about 7 days to get back to you with a final sketch, timelines and budgets to bring your idea to life. For more information, you can also visit the ‘Create Your Own Masterpiece’ section on our website.

5. Are there descriptions for every artifact on the site?


All our products contain intensive information about the artifact including a bit of history on the art form, the inspiration behind the artifact, information including weight, dimensions, pricing and suggestions on where fits best within your home.


 6. What does the listed price include and exclude?


The listed price is the retail price of the product. The price does not include local taxes, packaging charges, shipping and transportation charges and also charges for any specific services such as fumigation in the case of wooden products.

7. How do you place an order on the website?


Once you have visited the individual product and then decided upon your purchase, click on the large ‘Add to Cart’ button below the product information table. This will then add the item to your shopping cart. You can review your cart and continue shopping following the same procedure. After you have finished adding items to your cart, click on the ‘Checkout’ button in the shopping cart. You will be prompted to accept the terms and conditions. Once you agree to them, you will be directed to the ‘Checkout’ page. Enter your information, including your email address where we can send you updates about your artifact including updates on when it has been shipped and when you should expect to receive it. Input your shipping address where you would like the artifact to be delivered and your contact details in case we would need to reach you. Once you have filled in the information, please click on the ‘Continue to Shipping Method’. You will be directed to the ‘Shipping Method’ page. This page tells you how much the Shipping for your Artifact would cost you. Once you have selected the relevant Shipping Method, click on the ‘Payment Method’ button. Once you are on the ‘Payment Method’ page, confirm all the information and then click on the ‘Complete Order’ button. This redirects you to the CC Avenue page where you would be required to once again confirm your details and then choose your ‘Payment Method’ eg Debit Cards, Netbanking etc and complete your order.


8. What are the payment terms?


For customized products, our terms are as follows:

For statues above the height of 3 feet or created using precious stones: 50% advance, 25% when you receive the final design and 25% once the product is ready to be shipped out to you. Images are shared with the client at all stages and before it is handed over to the cargo company to be shipped to the customer

For statues under 3 feet height and without much intricate work, the payment terms are: 50% advance and 50% on completion of the project prior to shipping.


9. How long will it take for the artifact to be delivered?


All our artifacts are handmade for each individual customer. Once you place an order, our artisans get to work on creating the piece exclusively for you. The timelines vary depending on the artifact, the art form, the size and complexity of the work to be executed.


 10. Do you make products only for indoor décor or outdoor décor as well?


Artisanscrest’s range of artifacts has something for everybody. Our paintings, Kerala Lamps and vessels, Pipli Lamp shades are great additions to your house décor. Our range of statues in sandstone, blackstone and chalkstone are durable, sturdy and make perfect additions to your courtyard or your entryway décor. If you have any queries, refer to the individual artifact pages for suggested placement advice or get in touch with us at: contact@artisanscrest.com



 11. What kind of Large Projects can Artisanscrest undertake?


In addition to our extensive range of artifacts, our team is also skilled at creating and executing large projects like Temples (link), Decorative Walls (link) and Fountains and Waterfalls. (Link). If you have a requirement, get in touch with us today at: contact@artisanscrest.com